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The Blacklist Babes Cabaret was created in 2015 by Marisa Quijano-Sirois (Risa Risque),  Justin J. Scarlat (Bartholomew Bottoms) and Paul C. Tugwell (Professor Tuggles) out of a love for live music and burlesque cabaret. 

The Babes got their start when they won 3rd place in The Venue's Amateur Burlesque Contest and were asked by Blue Star to perform in Orlando's "Come Out With Pride" on the main amphitheater stage on Lake Eola. 

Since then The Babes have performed all across Central Florida, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Sanford and in various venues in Orlando including The Venue, The Falcon, Iron Cow, Oblivion, Danny & Pats, St. Matt's Tavern, Mannikins,  HAOS on Church, Starudst Lounge and Bitters & Bottles. 

The Babes strive to deliver an all singing cast, with a professional live music band to every single performance they are in.  The Babes are an inclsive group made up of queer, BIPOC performers, and Latinx Female Owned. 


In 2021 the Blacklist Band wrote their first original musical for Newhouse Creative Group "Selling Out! The Musical" which won Patron's Pick in the International Fringe Festival.  In 2022 they wrote their second musical "The City Beautiful" created by Marisa Quijano-Sirois and David J. Sirois aka Cheesy Pizza Productions.  "The City Beautiful" sold out all 3 nights in the International Fringe Festival and was the first show to sell out their entire run of the season. 


Please donate to our Venmo or CashApp if you'd like to help the Babes.  Follo

w us on Social Media @blacklistbabescabaret.  We are available for private parties, weddings, events and more!  We have shirts, masks, stickers and buttons available for purchase.  We can't wait to share our music and performances with you! #BlacklistLovesYou.

Risa Risque:

Bartholomew Bottoms:
Co-Founder, Co-Creator/Music Director, Composer

Professor Tuggles:
Co-Founder/Co-Creator/Blacklist Band Director, Composer

Finger Lincoln Good:
Assistant Director/Stage Manager 

Professional Singer, Actress, Burlesque Performer and member of the Miss Comedy Queen family.  Writer, Composer and Lyricist. 

Professional Singer, Professional Music Director, Composer, Writer, Actor. 

Professional Music, Music Engineer, Composer.

Professional "Get Shit Done" person, Risa Risque's right hand.

The Babes in Photos

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